In code, I believe

I started Google code-in for the sake of winning a Tshirt but then I found it so gripping that I didn’t leave my laptop for a second and completed three tasks at a stretch. My friend and I were doing the same task so we decided to compete, however, he had an edge over me as he had done a similar task before. Initially, I was faster than him but then the tables turned as I found out that I had been adding Facebook profile links which weren’t required so I had to waste my time to find and delete the links which I just added. I had almost lost hope just when I had a breakthrough! I copied the code on a word file and then used the word file search feature to search the “#”s which were used as a placeholder for the missing links. I was able to add all 8 links plus 1 additional link in just 20 minutes. Our competition was a close call as he uploaded his PR just two minutes after I uploaded mine. I thought that I had won but fate had its own plans… Thinking that I had won I got engaged in other tasks but I didn’t think that my PR could get rejected. My friend’s PR got merged at once but mine took time due to some silly mistakes like not adding a “–>” after a comment. I tasted defeat at the moment but I was delighted as I completed another task and also learnt new things.

Here a link to the issue which I fixed -:

Click here to see the issue

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 8.52.30 PM


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