Just Go With The Flow

I found about Google Code-in through one of my seniors who were in the top 2 code leaders at Fossaisa

Inspired by him I am working for Fossasia this year in my first Google Code-in. The projects that I find the most intriguing are Yaydoc and Open event web app, these are the most interesting ones for me as they include Javascript which Is my favourite. The mentors here at Fossasia are very helpful, they help one with every possible thing they can and they never neglect one’s doubts or queries. The mentors believe in learning along the way.

By working with Fossasia I have gained exposure and I have become more familiar with open source development. For example Github, I have some friends who are quite tech savvy and their involvement with real tech began earlier than me so until last year they used to talk about all these cool tech stuff but one word they repeatedly used which was Github. I had no clue at that point in time about what was it and I felt a bit dumb but now I have my own GitHub account and I can have a nice chat with anyone about What is GitHub? and What amazing things it can do? I think this is all because of Fossasia and Google Code-In

I have gained a lot of experience while working with Fossasia but I believe that I am still a newbie and there are millions of things which are unknown to me. So firstly, I am planning to get more used to Github which will help me in future I guess and secondly I would like to focus more on my Web Dev which includes HTML, CSS and Javascript so I can create much better websites and contribute more.



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